Medical Technology

We offer standard and personalized solutions on web environment and on real time.

Experts on the implantation of case report forms (e-CRF) and leaders on intelligence extraction, through our interactive dashboard (e-CMI).

Pioneers on technological web solutions for automatized statistical analysis (survival curves and contingency tables).

  • e-CRD ® – Case Report Form: Electronic case report form. Technological solution which allows the easy management and sharing of information in a web environment and on real time. We guarantee the electronic registration of the patients associated to different studies or clinical trials, their validation, exploitation and analysis of the collected information, in accordance to the current law.
  • e-CMI ® – Interactive Dashboard: PIONEER and INTERACTIVE technological solution which allows the extraction of the intelligence on a clinical trial, in an automatized, didactic and intuitive way, in a WEB environment and on REAL time. It has a descriptive unit, through which slashes, the several phases of a clinical trial are shown: hospital centers, demographical data, diagnose, surgery, treatment, between others… and a statistical unit with survival curves, Cox regression, contingency tables and other statistical element supported by the “R” software.
  • e-IMA: Image Management Platform.
  • e-BIO: Sample Biobank Management Platform. Platform for the management of biobanks and sample sending.
  • e-INV: Platform for the management and administration of clinical trials.
  • e-IWRS: Platform for the management of drug stock.
  • e-LEARNING: Platform for e-learning
  • WEBSITES: Creation, hosting and management of site contents.
  • Ad-hoc Solutions: Development of tailor-made solutions.